Sunday, February 1, 2009

On January 28th, Jordan turned 21. We celebrated his birhtday by having a fewa friends over for sloppy joes. It was really fun to meet all of his friends. I can't believe that he is 21.He told all of his friends to bring him fish for his fish tank. He recevied about 15 new fish! The reason he wanted them to bring him fish is so that he could name them after his firends and that they would always be with him. I thought it was a great idea! It seems like yesterday we were just teaching him how to ride a bike. He is doing pretty good. He starts a new job on monday.
Life is pretty good!


The Buckingham Family said...

Wow you have a kid that's 21?!
Looks like a fun party. I hope the fish all make it..ha ha, I can't keep them alive.

Sidenote...I will let everyone know about LaGoon..thanks for telling me.


The Ullery Family said...

It seems like yesterday I was begging to hold him! I can't believe he is already 21! He will forever be 5 in my mind.

Whitney said...

I tagged you! View my blog and you'll see what you have to do now!